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“Joining Jordan’s small group classes at Hutto Fitness Center has been great!! My main goal was to lose weight and build muscle, and Jordan’s guidance has made all the difference.

I’ve seen amazing progress, not just on the scale but in how I feel – stronger, healthier, and more confident.

Hutto Fitness Center’s monthly In-Body Scans keep us all accountable and prove that if you stick with it, you’ll definitely make progress.

Jordan and the team have been incredible, and I’m excited to see where this fitness journey takes me next!”

Christine Kinsey

“I highly recommend Chris’s 7am strength class! I was stuck in a sedentary work routine and needed to get more active. Chris’s program helped me lift heavy, build muscle, and get stronger.

I’ve never felt this strong before. Focusing on lifting weights and building muscle not only transformed my body but also boosted my confidence. During COVID, I became more sedentary, and I knew I had to change that. This class not only gave me something to look forward to but also improved my choices.

Chris’s expertise and commitment are clear in every session. It’s not just about the workout; it’s about the progress I’ve made and how I feel about myself.

But I’ve been working with Chris for far longer than I have been in these classes. I’m proud to say that I’ve been working with Chris for almost two years since November of 2021, and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon!”

Derek Medack

“Debbie is an excellent and patient trainer. I’ve never walked in a gym in my lifetime and I am 58 years old. I have had many surgeries and Debbie was very careful with the exercises and FORM. Debbie is definitely all about the form. She is a good fit for anyone at any stage of fitness. I highly recommend her for helping you get healthy and reach your goals”

Theresa Ambrose

“I’ve been lifting weights since I was 13 years old, but I’ve never taken a scientific approach to gaining muscle/losing fat. Jordan created a custom workout and nutrition program for me that took the thinking out of lifting. I just had to show up and put the work in. That’s it. I’m in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to Jordan. Worth every penny.”

Jeo Navarro

“Working with Chris has been a wonderful experience for me as a mother of two. My main goal was to live a healthier life and be strong for my family.

Chris understood my needs and created a practical fitness plan. He didn’t focus on quick fixes but on sustainable changes.

Chris’s patience and understanding made all the difference. He adapted workouts to my busy schedule, making progress feel achievable.

Thanks to Chris, I’m physically stronger and mentally resilient. I have more energy for my family and daily life. It’s not about perfection, but being the healthiest me.

I’m so grateful for Chris’s support. He’s helped me find a balance I thought was impossible. If you’re a mother looking to prioritize your well-being, I highly recommend Chris. He’s made a real difference in my journey.”

Sara Ferguson

“I respect the hell out of Chris! Since the moment I met him from consultation, I can feel and sense that he wanted to help me change my life around. This man will invest his time and energy to make sure you are in the right track! My goal is simple. I want to join the military. Although Chris never worked with someone to attain that goal, I can tell you with full confidence that he is the man for the job. He studied and invested his time to understand military requirements to adapt to our workouts. I have never been pushed harder thanks to Chris! It’s an honor to be his first military client”

Jonathan Heredia

I love Debbie Tougas at Hutto Fitness Center! I highly recommend her! My friend and I see her 3x a week. Awesome workouts! I always feel accomplished afterwards. She is the best trainer I’ve worked with so far! I won’t go to another”

Naisha Crespo

“I was already pretty active when I started working with Chris, but the activity I was doing was only working certain muscles. In 5 months, my whole body has transformed because Chris took the time to build up both the smaller support muscles and larger muscle groups in my body. When we started, I didn’t even have proper air-squat form! Now I’m adding weight to my squats every single week. He takes the time to find the solutions that are unique to my actual needs. He is watching every squat, press, lunge, and giving me constructive feedback. The most important part of working with Chris has been his belief in what I can do and not letting me give up on my goals. The many physical benefits are far outweighed by the confidence and emotional growth that working with Chris has given me. He is equal parts knowledge, patience, and drive.”

Annessa Lewis (Ness)

5 months ago I met Chris with a vision of my fitness goals and aspiration but had no clue how to get there. Chris Meador took my vision and devised a plan that not only helped me achieve goals but exceed what I thought I was capable of. Chris has encouraged me to work hard and has helped me become more confident in myself and my abilities. Chris pays close attention to form to ensure I’m performing correctly and avoiding potential injury. I love my body and spirit transformation that has occurred with the help and dedication of Chris to “make monsters”

Kathryn Dobbs

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